Networking with Other Online Marketers

mike gaudreau the wealthy boomer
Mike Gaudreau

Building an online business can make you feel isolated at times.
You work from home, usually on solo projects, and except for the
occasional forum and chat room participation, you don’t have much
opportunity to interact with others.

Some new marketers make it worse by never branding their name, or
simply watching forum posts from the sidelines, perhaps because
they fear exposing themselves to judgment in the marketplace.

But networking will help you make big gains as an online marketer.
First and foremost, it helps you brand your name in the
marketplace. You’ll always want to participate in the Internet
marketing niche, even if it’s not the niche you’re making money

The reason for this is because you can find potential Joint Venture
partners who are in the same (or a complementary) niche as you.
These relationships and bonds you build with other marketers could
serve you well in the future.

Within every money-making niche you’re in, you’ll want to network
as well. Always put your sights on someone who’s a step above you
on the ladder of success.  This will help you build your own
business because you’re catapulting your momentum forward.

If at all possible, try to attend Internet marketing seminars and
seminars within your niche. You’ll meet people and gain valuable
insight that isn’t sold online – secrets shared between friends
rather than sold to a general public.

Seminars can help you bounce ideas off of others and generate new
ideas based on what you learn.  It can also help you locate
products and services that will help your business.

You might meet graphic designers, freelance writers, or an expert
who could give your product or site a mention to his or her own
list.  If you attend a seminar, have some business cards ready to
hand out to people that include your name, email address, and

Get cards from others, too and then follow up on those contacts to
remind people of who you are – thanking them if they provided you
with any information that helps you on your journey to becoming a
successful Internet marketer.

After you attend enough seminars, you may even be asked to be a
speaker at one!

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