My review of Blueprint Pro – Barely not a scam

blueprint proProduct: Blueprint Pro
Overall Ranking: 7 on10
Price: $67 for Blueprint Pro or?$67/mo for Blueprint Pro+,Platinum package $647 one time

Owners: Tom Godfrey and Steven Clayton


Blueprint pro is an internet marketing course that purports to make us immune to the changes in the internet such as the Panda and Penguin?


Blueprint pro is an internet marketing course that purports to make us immune to the changes in the internet such as the Panda and Penguin updates of our benevolent pals at Google. There has to be a thousand so called gurus talking to us about this since last year.

In brief this scheme supposedly allows us to skirt the big bad Panda and Penguin of Google. How is this possible??Good old tried and true techniques such as quality content and good old fashioned contact lists. That?s how.?So why is this so revolutionary that we would shell out up to $647 of our hard earned or scarce money? What?s so new about this course? And is it a scam?
Let?s look further.

The product looks like a well defined internet marketing course covering the basics


The Good and The Bad

The product looks like a well defined internet marketing course covering the basics including keyword research and site development. They say that they can help us find niched businesses ?to sell to and populate a website that will attract potential conversions through techniques such as mailing lists; perhaps the hardest thing to achieve in internet marketing.

But we see in their literature evidence that this could be a SCAM with the usual wild claims of riches or short duration to go from rags to riches. Stuff like ? $11,000 per month” in earnings makes me leary.

Have we not heard this all before?

We are led to understand that the current state of the internet still honors tried and true techniques such as quality content and so on. God knows I?ve been saying this for years. Quality content targeting a niche will usually pay off.

This product is for those starting out in Internet marketing or those who have been at for some time?


WHO IS Blueprint Pro FOR?

This product is for those starting out in Internet marketing or those who have been at it for some time who want to compliment what they have learned from other ?quality programs such as Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama.


Online videos as well as documents form the basics of the program. You have access if you upgrade to a forum in which over 40 thousnad persons could help you as well as access to the owners of this program.

Blueprint Pro SUPPORT
There is a forum available to Blueprint Pro+ customers as well as a support email address which I have not tested.

It looks legit but I don?t like the ?scamy? claims.


My Final Opinion Blueprint Pro

It looks legit but I don?t like the ?scamy? claims. Most reviews feel this program is legit though. From what I see I am going to give them the benefit of doubt.

PRODUCT NAME: Blueprint Pro

If you are sick and tired of battling to make money online claims in the brutal changing online environment where websites run the risk of being obliterated by search engine changes that are out of our control, then this may be a helpful program.


Owners: Tom Godfrey and Steven Clayton
Price: $67 for Blueprint Pro or $67/mo for Blueprint Pro+, Platinum package $647 one time

Overall Scam Rank: 7 out of 10


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Mike, founder of The Wealthy Boomers

How do you find good keywords?

keyword-research-servicesWhy is keyword research important?


It is important because in order to attract visitors and maintain a good search engine ranking you have to write content about things your potential customers are looking for. This is done by using keywords which are essentially a phrase somebody would type into a search engine.

How do I use my keywords?


You use keywords to create titles for your articles. For example you may be writing about cameras on your site. So a keyword influenced title might be “How to clean my Nikon D60?” ?So in this example people typing the keyword phrase?”How to clean my Nikon D60?” may see your page listed ?high up in the search results and read your article and may purchase the cleaning kit for cameras you are selling.

You can also use variations of your keyword phrase as subjects within your article. Something like “Cleaning the lense” and “Cleaning the mirror“.

Thirdly you can connect some keywords to your social networks when you post a link to your article on let’s say Google+ or Facebook to help increase your rankings in the search engines.

question markHow do I find my Keywords?


There are several ways to do this; some for free and some for a monthly or one time fee. Here are a few examples.

1 – Alphabet Soup

This technique is free and involves playing around with Google’s search box. You begin with let’s say our example “How do I clean my Nikon d60?” What you will notice is that Google will also suggest some alternative related searches. So now you have your original keyword and perhaps a few good alternatives you can use.

The technique also involves suffixing or prefixing the letters A-Z to your original keyword. This will render potentially many more useful keywords.

To illustrate this in action please see this short video on the alphabet soup keyword research technique.


?Click photo or this link to view video

While the Alphabet Soup technique is free it is a bit of a lengthy process to come up with a long list of relevant keywords for your niche. Also you have little idea which ones are the least competitive compared to others. Using low competition keywords is a good practice because though it may not bring you a lot of traffic for one particular keyword; the aggregation of all your keywords on your site will.

Also low competition keywords should render better search engine ranking very quickly. As a rule of thumb if your article is listed on the 3 first pages of the search result you are likely to get a good amount of traffic.

?2 -?Ubersuggest? automates the Alphabet Soup technique for you. All you do is type in your phrase in a search box and it will return a list of various suggested related keywords. You would have probably have ended with the same list doing it manually as explained above; but this is a lot faster and you can save and download you results for use later on your website.

Here’s how it works with another example keyword “how do you find good keywords“.

Ubersuggest Search Box

As we can see it found 56 results which you select and get to download for future use. Saving them in a spreadsheet or notepad file is where I suggest you keep them.

Ubersuggest Keywords Download

?Again the advantage of Ubersuggest is that it is free and quick to come up with lists of relevant keywords. But you do not have any idea of which ones are lower competition compared to the others in the group.

3- Keyword Research Suites

Now let’s look at some tools that will not only help you find keywords but also tell you which ones you should target and a bit more. There are several ?good products out there that are known as Keyword Research Suites. Here are a few good ones.

    • Jaaxy
    • Wordstream
    • SEMRush

I’m going to talk about Jaaxy because it is full featured, offers a free limited trial, and is well priced.?Wordstream and SEMRush are excellent tools as well but are much more expensive and are geared towards larger businesses and enterprises.

Jaaxy has several features including keyword search, site ranking, affiliate program search, and domain name search. You can also save all your results on the site or download them for future use. And training is included. Here is an example of a quick keyword search using one of our examples. Note that I am only showing a partial result in order to present some essentials. A lot more is returned in actual searches.



As a rule of thumb we are targeting keywords with > 50 monthly searches and a QSR of 300 or less?


What I want to point out are a few statistics; monthly searches, estimated traffic, and QSR (Quoted Search Results) and the little colored dots. Obviously green means good and yellow or red are not as good.?Why?

As a rule of thumb we are targeting keywords with > 50 monthly searches and a QSR of 300 or less. This should represent low competition (QSR) for those keywords marked with green dots and you should rank high in the search results. Remember it’s the aggregate of all your good keywords that will represent your overall site traffic.

You can validate your keyword performance quickly


With Jaaxy you can measure the result of your keywords rapidly. As an example I entered below one of mine to see how it performed. The keyword is “boomer travel trends” which is relevant to one of my websites.

So the result was very good. My article showed up on page one of the search results. This means that potential customers will see this article right away and there is a good chance they will visit my site; and perhaps purchase something I offer.


So it is obvious that using advanced keyword research suites are the best way to optimize your keyword research as well as adding additional functionality. Jaaxy for instance does offer a free trial for thirty keyword searches. It’s a good way to explore the power of the tool before buying.

You can have a quick peek by using this search window below to see for yourself.

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Mike, founder of The Wealthy Boomers

My Internet Marketing Career So Far

internet marketingIn my professional life before I retired I was an IT professional. I graduated college in 1975 as a qualified programmer; a new field in its day. I started out at a major Canadian bank programming in COBOL (look it up). Then I moved on to a major worldwide engineering firm in Montreal, finally ending up my career at a Canadian railway where I ran IT technical support, networks, data centres, call centres, and in the end a wireless internet service for our passengers.

I used to think marketing was for lightweights


All along the way I was exposed to the various marketing departments where I worked. I didn’t get what they did actually. And why did they consume so much of our corporate budget, I thought? To say that I did not respect what these marketing people did was the least disrespectful of thoughts I had. You have probably seen the countless Dilbert cartoons to know what I am talking about.

War existed between IT and Marketing.

dilbert and marketing


I wanted to earn money to supplement my retirement income


Like many of us I consider myself quite tech savvy so I decided to start a website in the autumn of 2012 shortly after my retirement. Not only was I going to start a website but I wanted to earn money to supplement my retirement income and also have some fun doing it as well.

I thought it was a piece of cake; technically. I had chosen WordPress as my platform after dabbling with Joomla and Drupal. ?But nobody was coming to my technically beautiful site. What was wrong?

SCAMI fell for some scams along the way

So I searched around a bit and fell for a sales pitch about a “web business in a box”. Intrigued I ordered their sales material which arrived by courier a few days later. After digging some more into the offer I discovered that this “web business in a box” was part of a huge multi level marketing campaign where I would have been at the bottom of the pyramid; probably earning little while my “coach” higher up was going to make most of the money and get rich off my work. Did not seem to be fair to me so I abandoned that idea.

I joined affiliate programs in the hopes of making some commissions. Never earned a dime. I tried dropshipping and an Amazon Affiliate store. I even tried something called Resellers Heaven (to be reviewed later). Was I in heaven or was I in hell? Check out this at my site I set up which I am not too proud of now. In short, several hundred dollars, maybe over a thousand, ?spent on sites and not a penny of revenue.

I discovered that I was not following internet marketing best practices


I then discovered that I was not following best practice for site design, SEO, social media and content. How did I come to this conclusion? I searched all over the place for answers. I looked at my situation and determined that I needed professional help. I was not going to figure this out on my own easily. I got discouraged until I discovered?Wealthy Affiliate.

So I ended up here at Wealthy Affiliate (see review) ?because it is the only place where online marketing training guides you through the right steps to becoming successful.


Proper training like that at Wealthy Affiliate has helped me considerably


I am now getting many more “quality” visits to my original site I started in late 2012. And I have created another niche site here at Wealthy Affiliate that already attracts significant traffic since just a short time. ?I have even made my first sales commissions in the past month.

Now with the training, support, and resources I have retrofitted my first site launched in 2012 and am getting solid traffic and legit comments. I never got a legit comment on my first site I created before this training.

moneyAll my sites are receiving decent traffic and engagement with visitors and I have started to earn sales commissions


So far the best part of the courses has been the keyword research techniques which were much simpler than I had imagined. They really help you to focus on a meaningful audience and act as a guide to writing content.?On my first site?I have thirteen posts so far and have written 7?for?Street Articles.?I have also submitted an article to?EZINE?where I had already published earlier in my blogging career.

I am also social bookmarking at Reddit, Delicious, and Stumbelupon; along with posting to my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and G+ pages. I have also joined one forum within my niche.

All in all a busy month, but thoroughly enjoying the experience.?And the community is awesome; I have collected 142 followers in that can be of benefit to myself and to them further on.

Why was I so lost?


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Mike, founder of The Wealthy Boomers

Best Jobs For Baby Boomers

internet marketingMaybe you are a boomer looking around to see what kind of job you can do to supplement your retirement income? Or maybe you want to treat yourself to a few luxuries you can’t easily afford on your current salary?

Are you ?looking to supplement your income?


I think that I can help you with this.

I am a recently retired baby boomer too. When I left my job I was wondering how I could fill up my newly found leisure time. Sure I am able to travel a lot more which is fantastic. I decided to start a website about boomer travel. I even started another site devoted to technology and its relation ?to us boomers since I know a lot about technology due to my career. And then there is site about making money online.

Find a niche you know about and build a website about it


So I guess you can say that my job is now a website owner and blogger. You probably are wondering how this happened. I wonder that myself at times. But I guess it comes down to what you like in life; what you feel strongly about; or have a talent for.

What I find is key to working online is that you find a niche that you are an expert in. If for example you love remote control airplanes you could start a site around this topic. And you will write about the topic using your knowledge.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money


OK. So now you have a topic you can speak about. But how can you make any money from it as well?

The answer to this is to become an affiliate marketer. You can apply to be one through several resources such as Commission Junction, Linkshare, and Share a Sale ?to name a few. You apply to be an advertiser for companies that fit your topic of remote control airplanes for example. You then can display banner ads or use links to products that your visitors can buy. When a sale is made using one of your links you get a commission.

Writing quality and original content is key


The key though to being successful is in becoming a trusted expert for your topic. This is achieved by writing quality and original content that will captivate and inform your audience. This should help you to get return visits and ?also the possibility that your readers will share your content with others. It’s about building a following.

affiliate marketingOnce you have a steady following there will be a good possibility that your visitors will also become your customers by purchasing products you recommend because they trust you and your point of view.

You are probably wondering at this point how you will go about building a quality website that can become money making.

I can help you here. I have been down this road.

Look for quality online internet marketing training


The first thing you need to do is choose the technology upon which your site resides. I highly recommend WordPress.?Wordpress is the most widely used website platform.?See my article.?You cannot go wrong with this choice. I exclusively use WordPress for all my sites after exploring several other platforms.

You will then need to learn how to build up your site. This will include:

  1. Navigation menus
  2. Key topics and theme pages
  3. Colors and typeface
  4. Add ons for comments and sharing
  5. Security and Spam filters
  6. Page layout and presentation
  7. Keyword selection
  8. Content creation
  9. Niche market selection

internet marketing trainingFortunately there exists several good learning resources available for the above that will teach you the proper way to building a quality website that can earn you money. I reviewed one of the very best here. Stay away from the offerings claiming to help you to make money fast or to make money easy online. These are usually scams. Trust me I fell victim a couple of times.

Avoid the get rich quick scams


A good online training program for building a website will combine the technical and internet marketing aspects in a structured set of courses. For example Wealthy Affiliate?provides two main courses supplemented by additional topic specific lessons such as:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • eMail marketing
  • Local marketing
  • Video marketing

The good programs offer their material by learn at your own pace videos supplemented with tutorials. Also access to experts is provided via chat or forums. This is essential as I know you will have questions. It’s good to have access to a community of experts and other students to bounce questions and ideas off of.

I hope that I have helped you see that ?it is possible for just about anyone to build an online presence, build a following and earn some money too. One of the best jobs for boomers is being online and showing off your expertise. But you must follow the right steps.


Just to prove I was actually in Paris

If you have any feedback or comments on anything related to this article, I would love to hear it. ?Please drop me a note in the comments below! I try to respond within 24 hours.

Mike, founder of The Wealthy Boomers

Find Out How To build A WordPress Website

wordpress plugged inI have been using WordPress for all my websites for the last two years. I settled on WordPress for several reasons.

  • It’s by far the most widely deployed platform on the internet
  • WordPress is an open source software and is available at no cost
  • It is supported and developed by a huge worldwide community
  • Thousands of site themes are available at no cost or for a small fee
  • Thousands of software add ons in the form of plugins and widgets are available
  • It is easy and fast to get a site up and running

WordPress is by far the market leader for building websites – and it’s free!

I have tried a few other platforms in the past such as Joomla and Drupal. Both are also open source and well supported; but they are more complicated to install, get up and running and to maintain. I am a recently retired IT person and even I found both to be a bit of a challenge.

WordPress is a better choice because it allows you to focus on creating quality content instead of worrying about technical details. Have a look at this chart to see how dominant WordPress is in the market. This is not by accident.

I tried a few others but nothing compares to the ease of working with WordPress

top blogging platforms worldwide

WordPress is both a blogging and a Content Management System. See my article on Content Management Systems for some additional information. This combination is a very powerful for bloggers, website creators and the combination of both types of sites.

WordPress is both a content management system and a blogging platform – a very powerful combo

Let me show you how simple it is to get a site up and running with WordPress. Have a look at these videos from Wealthy Associate; a leading internet marketing program and business community. See my Wealthy Affiliate article for more information on this program. Here is the videos.

Wordpress setup video

Click Here To See First Video

WA Setting up website

Click Here To See Second Video

Now wasn’t that simple?

The next thing you are going to need is a place to house your website. There are many good hosting companies out there and two I recommend are Bluehost and GoDaddy. Both offer not only site hosting but other services such as email and domain names. Like we saw in the videos they both provide simplified creation of a WordPress site.

The advantage of Wealthy Affiliate though is that with their premium package you get to host an unlimited number of sites as well as receiving access to its top notch internet marketing training. You can also sign-up and try for free for as long as you want as well.

Choosing the right hosting company is very important to your success

In the Wealthy Affiliate internet marketing program? (see my article) you will learn how to build out your website, leverage social media, create quality content and much, much more. You will have access to a community of people such as yourself who are trying to achieve the same success on the internet, in real time by chat or ?by discussion groups.This is rare in any program I know of.

Also the founders will drop in often to help. ?So not only do you have access to the training, but there are also tons of additional classes and tutorials that expand in more detail on various topics.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great combination of quality online marketing training and web hosting

Have a look here at one of the classes on Google Authorship, something I didn’t know existed and how important it can be.

WA Google Authorship

Training Module On Google Authorship

This is one of the many advantages to a program such as Wealthy Affiliate. Of course you can choose to have your site hosted at?Bluehost?or?GoDaddy; but they won’t have the same training available. You can also use another reputable online marketing training program (here’s an example) than Wealthy Affiliate; but I doubt any will provide the same level of training and unlimited site hosting. It simply does not exist anywhere else.

Just to prove I was actually in ParisSo if you have any questions or comments on how to build a website with WordPress or anything else just leave a comment below or reach me through my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

Mike, founder of The Wealthy Boomers