Baby Boomers Making Money Online

online boomersBaby boomers are a tech savvy bunch. According to surveys we have adopted technology in a big way. And why not? Most of what we use today was created in a large part by members of our generation.

  1. The internet is the?top source for gathering information on topics of interest.
  2. Over half of us consume online video.
  3. Social networking sites are used by the majority of us.

  4. Online search engines are the top online information ?gathering ?tool.
  5. We are not only just using computers; but a growing number are equipped with tablets and smartphones as well.

According to surveys boomers are tech savvy

tech savvy boomer coupleWith all this interest in technology it is no wonder why some of us are making money online as well. I say some because like the population at large; between 90 and 95 percent of online business initiatives fail to earn money.

Why is this?

  1. First of all there is a great deal of information out there that needs to be filtered in order to find the right recipe for online success.?Unfortunately?quite a bit of this information is written and promoted by self proclaimed internet gurus who make slick ads promising six figure plus income per annum in a short period of time with little effort. The only ones making money from these offers are the scammers themselves.?
  2. Second, there are a lot of sites and documents available that provide sound information about web site building, content writing, internet marketing, and search engine optimization to name a few things. ?But these are scattered all about the internet making it hard to get the big picture of making money online.
  3. Third, there are number of what look like legit programs out there to help us make money; but once you get hooked you find that they are multi level ?marketing schemes where the only ones making any real money are the people above you in the pyramid who profit by your efforts. Selling herbal remedies and dietary supplements make up a lot of this scenario.
  4. The truly legit online marketing how to sites are hard to find since they are in the vast minority. Sometimes it’s like looking for a pin in a haystack. And you are confused as to what is good and what is not because of all the noise around this topic as mentioned in the previous three points.?


Blogging is a good way us boomers to start earning income online

blog iconSo how can we learn how to avoid pitfalls while trying to earn money online? We need access to a program that:

  • Shows us to write a blog that is made up ?of high quality original content
  • Provides training in all aspects of internet marketing techniques such as
    • SEO
    • Finding a niche market
    • Keyword research
    • Understanding online consumer behavior
    • How to become an authority in your niche
    • How to get on page one in search results
    • Leveraging social media and video sites
    • Affiliate marketing to earn money
    • How to easily build a website anyone can do in literally a day or less
  • Provides access to a large community of peers who like you are learning from the ground up or who are trying to extend their expertise further.?

A quality online training course is essential – Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to begin (here’s my review)

There are several programs out there that do most if not all of the above. Here is my review of one of the top ones. ?I intend on providing information on this site, about the ones that I find worthwhile and also to help steer you away from scams.

Finding a niche is important

Good luck in learning to make money online. You may have already tried some other programs like me and felt they were either incomplete or just out and out scams. This site is here to support you and help you as you look for the right internet marketing program.

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If you have any questions or comments ?about this article you can leave me a message below or contact me via my Wealthy Affiliate profile; the current program I am following.

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Review of Affilorama – Worth Consideration


Affilorama is a good offer

Product: Affilorama Premium

Overall Ranking: 2nd
Price: $1 for 30 day trial then $67/mo. Three years for $497 up front. A 60 day money back guarantee.
Owners: Mark Ling
Website: Affilorama Home Page

Product name : Affilorama Premium

The Good and The Bad
The Good:
? Extensive free resources (the most I have encountered)
? Try before you buy
? Good tools
? Money back guarantee
? Price
The Bad:
? No real time chat
? No direct access to experts
? Lack of live community of peers
? Limitation on site hosting (15)



Affilorama is a program geared to novice online marketers and to more advanced online marketers



WHO IS Affilorama FOR? Affilorama is a program geared to novice online marketers and to more advanced online marketers. The free program contains about 100 video sessions that step you through SEO, site building, and keyword research plus 10 additional tools. The Premium package gains you access to 15 more tools focusing on extensive ?keyword research, niche marketing and site linking amongst others.

Extensive free resources – more than most programs offer


Most of the training is centered around videos and ?guru? views where Mark Ling asks respected online marketing experts for their take on things. This is very useful and is different than most programs of this kind.
Topic specific forums are available to explore in quasi real time a subject of your choice.
The service comes with an Affiliate Boot Camp similar to Wealthy Affiliate (see my review) training.
There are an additional 15 useful tools included in the Premium offer.

You also gain access to:

? Keyword research tools
? Niche market analysis
? Competition analysis
? 15 hosted sites
? 30 articles in your niche per month

Affilorama SUPPORT: Support is offered via forums or by email. There is no real time chat or discussion group.


Affilorama is a well designed product and is amongst the best programs out there.?

My Final Opinion of Affilorama: Affilorama is a well designed product and is amongst the best programs out there. It needs to be a little more interactive for its students in order to leverage their experiences and thoughts. The addition of online chat and discussion groups would rank it more ?highly like Wealthy Affiliate.

The low cost trial membership is great and the free resources are numerous and of high quality for this kind of program. I think it’s worth consideration.

affiloramaAffilorama at a Glance: Affilorama is a program geared to novice online marketers and to more advanced online marketers and is similar to our top choice in many ways.

Website Name: Affilorama

Website: Affilorama Home Page

Owner: Mark Ling

PRICE: $1 trial for 30 days then $67 per month .

Three year prepaid for $497 (70% off)


Overall Rank: 9 out of 10



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If you want to leave your own review of Affilorama or you have any questions, please leave them below or contact me through my?Wealthy Affiliate profile?.?I would like to hear from you.

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My Tips To Build A Website

web-designThere are some clear rights and wrongs when designing a website.?Here are a few of my website design tips.

Use open technology. All my sites are built with WordPress which allows for easy changes since WordPress is a content management system (CMS)

Use??a web hosting company that is proactive.?I use BlueHost ?or GoDaddy; two of the biggest and most reliable suppliers around.

Use open technology like WordPress

SEOConsider SEO.?There are some benefits to enhancing search engine optimisation where you target a niche. Here is training?(here is a review) I consider to be amongst the best available.

Monitoring your website is important.??Google analytics?is a free tracking tool which tells you who is going to your site and what technology they are using.

Speed of your website is important.?To ensure speed you ?should make sure the site is hosted in the US, Canada,or the EU. They have the best internet infrastructure in the world at the moment.

Use social media.?Websites?that do this are likely to be more proactive and innovative.?

Use social media to widen your following

It is important to have a biography.??Include a biography and an address where you can be reached for questions or comments. Photos are a way of making the site more personal and help increase trustworthiness.

Design your site around your audience`s needs.?Complex functionality and descriptions irritates the audience. The site should be service centric rather than product centric.?

?Design your site around your audience`s needs?

wordpressYour site should show the visitor what you do.?Case studies and blogs have helped develop this message.

Site Design is important.?Web surfers?have become used to attractive designs. A site that is self built and unprofessional looking may put potential clients off. Use A tool like WordPress.

Learn internet marketing?Learn how to market online properly. Follow a course like?Wealthy Affiliate?(see my review).


Need Help? Just to prove I was actually in Paris?If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or contact me through my Wealthy Affiliate profile . I would like to hear from you and help you. I try to respond within 24 hours.

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How To Sell On The Internet

ecommerce graphicAre you looking to sell your products on the internet??I can help.

Whether you are trying to sell something you made yourself online or are selling other products online you probably are going to need your own website. The good news is that building a website is very easy these days to the point that almost everyone can do it. I remember when not too long ago when I had to know complex code to get a website up and running. But advances have been made where the task is almost fool proof. See here what I mean.

You can build a website yourself for your products quite easily these days

The great news is that you got your website up and running quite quickly as I mentioned you would. Now you have to populate your site with quality content that will lead you to becoming an authority for your product and attract the traffic you will need to start selling. I can help you with this as well.

?Don’t fall for the “Store In A Box” Ploys?

There are a lot of offers out there claiming that they can help you to build an online selling website “out of the box”. These schemes cost several hundred dollars up front with monthly fees on top of that. You end up with a site that cannot be easily developed to attract the traffic you are going to need to be successful. You will have a very hard time adding the content you need to attract customers.

You will just have a bunch of pretty pictures with price tags and a checkout screen. Anyone can do that. But you won’t get much traffic unless you can convince people to buy from you. ?You have to become an authority in your niche. Quality content on your site is what you need to have.

Don’t believe the ?”Make Money Fast On The Internet” schemes

Also don’t look at the “make money fast” ploys you have seen. The only ones making money fast are those selling these products to those who got hooked in. Most of them are a scam.

There are a few quality online marketing training programs out there. ?The one I recommend looking at is Wealthy Affiliate (see my review). This program was developed by two successful online entrepreneurs who have put together this course in order that people learn how to market online the proper and systematic way. The program consists of:

  • Free account that you can stay with as long as you like with 20 training modules
  • Training videos (limited for free account)
  • Tutorials (limited for free account)
  • Unlimited Website hosting (limited for free account)
  • Premium account with unlimited hosted sites and an additional 70 training modules
  • Subject specific classrooms (Premium)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online help and discussion with a community of tens of thousands (Premium)
  • Proper site building techniques?
  • Content writing training
  • Keyword research tools and techniques.
  • and more……………….for a low monthly fee if you sign up for Premium.?

Look for a quality online marketing training to help you develop your site

WA Getting Started Video

Click here and have a look at this video.?

So if you want to learn how to market online properly I think you cannot go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate. It is the the best program out there today.

?Need Help?

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Review of Submission Works – Be Careful!

Submission WorksPRODUCT: Submission Works
My Ranking: Last
Price: $59US per Month
Product Providers: Brandon Wheeler
Website: Submission Works


There are hundreds maybe thousands of internet marketing, SEO marketing, making money on the internet, content writing courses and “how to” documents available. Baby boomers who want to learn to how to build a website properly and to earn income ?online from it are faced with a daunting task in finding and choosing something that:

? IS not a scam,
? Was developed by credible sources,
? Has online training and support,
? Offers site hosting,
? Has many useful tools,
? Is affordable

and ?found all in one place.

I do not believe that Submission Works fulfills any of these criteria when compared to a quality product like Wealthy Affiliate?(read my review). Please read on and find out why I think this way.

Beware a product with a long “squeeze page” making fantastic claims


The Pros:

  • Easy signup
  • Easy to list your target sites and pages
  • Cancel any time
  • Ticketing system to get help

The Cons:

  • No email address to contact prior to signing up
  • No training
  • No tools
  • No user community
  • Unknown credibility of the “founder”
  • Cost
  • No trial
  • No refunds

If you can’t ?reach them by email you may want to take a pass?


The product claims that you will get a great amount of traffic and sales once you list your up to seven web pages, landing pages, sales pages, or squeeze pages. How this actually happens is unclear. The marketing page says that all this is due to a top secret algorithm that the founder of this product came up with.

Reading this guy’s story I am led to believe that he became wealthy on the internet in earlier times. Ok, but what was he selling then? How much was he making? Who is this guy? Surely I would have heard of him if he was someone famous, right? Questions. Questions. Questions. But I see no answers. Sounds suspicious to me.

The story goes on about his riches to rags period when the internet changed and he faced a whole lot of competition that “stole” ?his traffic and thus ended up making nothing anymore. I would think that if he was that bright to begin with he would have found a way back then to protect his turf? Or maybe go after another target market Niche?

It’s suspicious If there are a lot of unanswered questions?

Roll forward to now and his fantastic system that he just wants to share with everyone. It seems he had an idea way back when to improve his online success; but the time was not right to implement it. This is still unclear to me. After spending a load of money to get his program written and tested he decided that the results were too good to keep to himself. He had to share it with you and I.

Strange that he would not have tried to recoup his losses with this fantastic tool. And how is his tool going to bring me traffic and the resulting sales?

For me there are just too many unknowns here with Submission Works and I cannot recommend it all at this time. I think you can see why.


Maybe somebody who has already put in the legwork to do proper keyword research, SEO tuning, and developed quality content could give it a one month try; but it will cost you $59 a month without a trial and no refunds if you are unhappy.?


Very limited.

Access to a problem ticket system.


$59 per month


5 out of 10 Points?



?Tired of Scams??Want a product that works??Sign up?here.


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If you want to leave your own review of Submission Works or you have any questions, please leave them below or contact me through my?Wealthy Affiliate profile?.?I would like to hear from you.

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