Turbocharge Your Backend Profits

Every good marketer knows how important it is to increase the lifetime value of the customer.  It’s much cheaper to make a sale to a previous customer than it is to get a new one onboard.  The cost of acquiring new customers can be high, but getting more money out of existing customers won’t cost… Read More »

The Power Of Adwords Harnessed

Pay-per-click marketing can be a very difficult thing to master.  A lot of people have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars before they learned to make a profit.  Some people never become profitable, and give up after losing a considerable amount of money. In order to have the best chance at being success, you… Read More »

Cash Generation By Keyword Research

Your keyword choices are critical to your success in nearly any online business model.  Whether you’re pursuing PPC, blogging, VRE and AdSense, or any number of Internet marketing opportunities, the keywords you choose can make or break your success. Keywords are important for several reasons.  First of all, there’s traffic.  If you choose the wrong… Read More »

Communication and Relationship Building

Its Wednesday and each week we are going to pass on a tip or strategy to help you build your business and income online. This weeks tip is: Communication and relationship building In this day and age, there are so many ways to communicate with people who purchase from your business, or who join your… Read More »